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Our Vision

Mark and Carly’s vision is to make family products that are not only made from the most ethically sourced and highest quality materials, but to produce a product that can be passed on for generations, rooted in their love for the natural world.

Seeds Planted

Our Story

Rooted in family, Mark and Carly were inspired to form Little Creative Woodcrafts LTD from seeds planted at an early age in their childhoods. Mark’s dad, a model maker, was every boy’s dream. Bikes, bow and arrows, flower presses and endless other creations would come out the garage, fuelling Mark’s imagination. Days were spent quietly watching his dad create models and toys, creating a bond that Mark will always be truly grateful for. Adventures in a secret garden in the English countryside, where creatures could be found, vegetables and fruit trees were grown, alongside the ultimate treehouse, was where Carly’s childhood weekends were spent, sparking her passion for the outdoors.  

In August 2019 Mark’s dad sadly passed away. This storm hit the family hard. It left Mark at a crossroad, to carry on and do what they always had or to heed the parting advice given by his father, ‘’if you wait to do something it will never happen, if you want to do something, do it now’’ were the words now ringing in his ears. It gave Mark an aspiration to create, using his father’s tools along with new technology, motivating him to make life meaningful again. An idea sprouted. Little Creative Woodcrafts LTD was formed and the opportunity was grabbed to not only be a hobby, but a way forward to provide for his family.

Suddenly the dream was a reality. Carly left her job after 15years with the same company to join the team, all they needed now was a product tester. Their daughter was adamant that the position was hers. The team was complete.

Carly’s passion for crafts and nature, sharing that invaluable experience with their daughter as a method for learning and development, has really been the core of their business values and future aspirations. Their hope is to pass this passion on to their daughter, just like Mark and Carly experienced and reconnecting with the beautiful world that surrounds all of us and to instilling the same fondness they had and continue to have for nature, for generations to come.

Their vision is to make personalised natural products that are not only made from most ethically sourced and highest quality materials, but to produce a product that can be passed on for generations, rooted in their love for the natural world.

Their ethos is to always endeavour to reduce their carbon footprint by using only materials made by nature, ditching the plastic and replacing it with wood, studies show a positive connection with wood and healthy wellbeing.

Mark and Carly are fuelled by their passion for bringing natural alternatives into the hands of adults and young children. Many households are cluttered with the ever-growing plastic, especially in children’s products. We are now battling with it as it has managed to sneak on to our dining table during our children’s mealtimes. We are constantly being bombarded with plastic in our packaging, cups, bowls and the cutlery we use. Little Creative Woodcrafts aim to produce natural products to promote healthy wellbeing for children and their parents. Their children’s bowls create a fun, positive and healthy experience towards food, sparking a curiosity and excitement at mealtimes.

The use of natural grain of wood and nature in everyday life is proven to have huge health and wellbeing benefits such as decreasing anxiety and blood pressure and increasing levels of happiness/positivity, brain activity, cognitive abilities and self-esteem.

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