Environment and Sustainability

Here at little creative woodcrafts, we are passionate about nature and the effect it has on our wellbeing. Our heart-led ethos challenges us daily to be as environmentally conscious and efficient as possible continually striving for improvement.

All the products we produce are hand-crafted from ethically sourced materials within the UK. We have created relationships with local businesses allowing us to source storm fallen trees and repurpose waste wood from larger manufacturers. In turn our waste is then used by other businesses, animal bedding at a local farm or to heat our home. This enables not only our carbon footprint to be low, but it also helps and encourages other businesses to come on our journey too.

We believe in longevity and endeavour to do items that could ‘last a lifetime.’ Children’s plates can be turned into a snack tray for movie night, a trinket dish or bedroom décor. Whatever the product the materials and methods used means each piece is individual. The grain and colour variations on our products help highlight natures beauty.


We have won multiple awards for sustainability and our environmental ethos